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Once upon more than a few times, Camille and Rachel were extremely angry with virtually everyone they came in contact with. They were able to contain their anger for the most part, but they eventually realized that the aforementioned anger was not a result of anything PMS related. They realized that they weren't just overreacting over irrelevant matters, but more logically, it was everyone else's fault that their blood pressure sky-rocketed within such a short amount of time.

The vast majority of Livejournal communities have a hidden agenda (one that is for the most part unknown to even the creators); to decrease the overall intelligence of the human race. It's damn near impossible to go to anyone's profile without being subjected to all kinds of unbearably retarded community names like "ana_luvrs_unyt," "kreditid_iconz," "prity_ppl," "kutting_iz_kool," et cetera. When Camille and I finally got our IQs to stop bleeding profusely, we decided to make a community dedicated to the passionate hate of such things. Essentially, this community is against blatant stupidity.

Anyone who is (or can appreciate those who are) exceptionally talented in the field of ranting, debating/arguing, pointing out stupidity in others are more than welcome to the community. We're also fond of offensive jokes and/or images and animations (hint, hint).

All communities dedicated to:
? Rating others
? Crediting icons
? Anorexia
? Supporting eating disorders
? Being politically correct
? People who would rather spend time making communities for over-weight people rather than getting off their fucking ass and exercising
? Colorbars

are fucking stupid. The end. If you want to add anything, tell me. If you want to know our reasoning behind hating any of those communities, check the "memories." Rants on the subjects will be added soon. Maybe.


I'm lenient, so the rules are fairly simple. Because of this, violations will not be tolerated and will result in banning (or even worse, us flaming you to death). Rules are subject to change at any time without notice or reason.

1. Decent grammar is a must, as is some detectable amount of wit and candor. If you can't form coherent sentences, you can't post. Simple.

2. Don't post anyone's screen name if you're mocking them. It may violate some Livejournal site rules, so instead of telling us their screen name, just link directly to whatever it is they said. Yes, it's a lame loophole, but a loophole nonetheless.

3. Don't come here trying to defend your particular community. We just don't give a flying fuck. Sorry.

4. Don't advertise your community without expressed permission by a moderator. You may contact us via any of the instant messaging screen names on our profiles, or invade our privacy by posting in our personal journals.

5. The moderators and favored members are, of course, better than you. This means they're always correct, even if they're completey wrong.

6. If Daniel wants oral sex from you, get on your fucking knees and don't disappoint. He's Canadian. What he says goes (but he's straight, so no guys really need to worry).

7. Read the FAQs before asking any stupid questions. You will get yelled at for not doing so.

8. If you want to post an image but the size of it is bigger than the entry boxes of this journal, use a cut. Stretched out pages piss me off.

9. Don't be a stupid bitch. Bitches are fine, but the stupid kind are annoying.

Golden Rule: When commenting in this journal, it'd be greatly appreciated if the author would kindly consider his or her comment carefully for ten-fifteen seconds, and maybe even read it aloud. After doing so, the comment may be posted if it is determined to make an exceptional amount of actual sense. We will know if you do not abide by this rule.

FAQs/Common Statements:

Sure, none of this has been asked or said yet, but it's bound to happen sooner or later.

1. Those communities aren't going to close just 'cause you don't like them. Why bother doing this? Because it's fun, and we have no lives. And besides, we don't want those communities to shut down. Otherwise we wouldn't have as much to make fun of.

2. Can I join even though I don't have a problem with any of the communities you're against? Anyone who has any desire to join our humble community is more than welcome to. Sure, I'll kick you out faster than it takes a prostitute to turn down Daniel's money and you'll be banned until he actually comes in contact with a female that doesn't file a restraining order, but you're still welcome to join.

3. Why are you all so mean to me? All I did was post. We're jerks. Deal with it. As I'm so very fond of saying, if you can't handle the heat, stay out of fuckin' the bedroom.

4. You're all close minded. There's a difference between being close minded and not simply not having your head shoved up your reproductive organ.

5. I don't care what you think, and neither does anyone else. Awesome! Keep proving that by sticking around!

6. You made a typographical error. That makes you a hypocrite because you call other people dumbasses. On the contrary, my little grasshopper. If we make any typos, it is because we were typing with our tongue, which provides us with a rather large margin for error. See, we're trying to start a superior race of tongue typers, and we figured we'd start with ourselves.

7. I was typing with my tongue when I made that typo. You're a fucking liar.

If you have any further questions, you are more than welcome to contact any of your superiors, whom of which you will have the utmost respect for and address as something fun like "your excellency."



fin4lresist4nce -Camille (co-creator)
texanforsale -Rachel (co-creator)
sacrilegend -Melissa (awesome Sealie)
cheapsexandhoes -Daniel (adorable Canadian)

P.S. None of the communities I try to make ever last, so please keep this active. I'll cry if I have to delete it.
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