Abir Muhjiban Khadeeja Jihad (texanforsale) wrote in immoral_cruelty,
Abir Muhjiban Khadeeja Jihad

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Okay, since none of you all feel like being active, I will resort to threats. I haven't been able to come up with any threats yet, but I will.

You just can't rely on Canadian children these days.

Anyhow, what with the election coming up, please place your bets. I don't care who you support-- most of us cannot vote anyway. You are simply betting on who you think will win possession of this shittastic country we all like to call America.

If you are correct, I will refer to you as something like "Miss Cleo" until I forget. If you are wrong, you pay a fine.


P.S. Please post your bitching sessions/musings in this journal as opposed to your personal one. It'll make me happy.
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