eda phetis (weiner_kid) wrote in immoral_cruelty,
eda phetis

an idea...that's better than yours

we're going to start a rating community.

now hold on, listen...because i'm valerie and my ideas are always better than everyone elses.

we'll start a vague rating community. with a name like omgzrzz rate meh!

we'll target communities and post banners accordingly.

rate my anorexia
rate my sceneness
rate my christ love
rate my fatness (for the "big boned")
rate my gothness
rate my republicaness
rate my mental illness

the community will be friends only so that the people coming to the community will not be able to read anything so as to know what they're getting into. the userinfo will be vague. as will the application requirements ... they'll cover everything from pictures, where they saw the banner ad (so we can flame accordingly), bands and what have you.

once they're inside we'll tell them everything they don't want to hear. and rate their stupidity on a scale of pop rocks inventor to creator of the oc (the oc creator being the lowest score possible on a scale of stupidity).

what's this accomplish? hours of cruelty.

told you my ideas were better.
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